Who Is The Dark Knight Rising Against?

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Enjoy the spoiler-free, context-free picture above, because from here on out everything is a potential spoiler of The Dark Knight Rises.  If you don’t want to know anything about these rumored spoilers just stare at the picture while swirling a brandy and petting a rubber ducky until a new post is up.

First, some background: It’s been confirmed that Anne Hathaway will play Catwoman and Tom Hardy will play Bane. It’s been rumored that Marion Cotillard will be in the film, possibly playing Talia al Ghul, daughter of Ra’s al Ghul.  It’s also been rumored that Joseph Gordon-Levitt was in talks for an unnamed role.

BadassDigest published a rumor that ties together several rumors and known cast members of The Dark Knight Rises.  They say that, by the end of the film, Catwoman has teamed up with Batman to fight the League of Shadows (AKA the League of Assassins), the group founded by Ra’s al Ghul and featured in Batman Begins.  Their source claims the League is being led by Talia al Ghul, with Bane at her side as well as Joseph Gordon-Levitt playing another member of the League of Shadows.  I’ve got my fingers crossed for a William Tockman cameo.

[Hat tip to BleedingCool.  Banner picture by Benkar (via CulturePopped).]

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