03 Greedo Has Reportedly Been Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison, Starting This Summer


Watts rapper 03 Greedo took to Instagram recently to clear up rumors that he had already begun his prison sentence — rumors that were started by his own Twitter account just days before. The controversially outspoken, musically-prolific Grape Street rapper clarified that while he was sentenced to “a long time,” he’d have plenty of time before his sentence started to tour and finish new music. Now, thanks to a report from The Fader by way of an 03 Greedo representative, we know exactly how long that sentence will be.

Greedo originally faced 300 years after a 2016 Texas arrest that led to deputies finding “four pounds of methamphetamine and two stolen pistols” in his trunk. According to The Fader, Greedo’s final sentence is 20 years, which will be served out, according to Greedo himself, starting sometime this summer.

According to journalist Jeff Weiss, who has followed 03 Greedo’s career more closely than any other source, the rapper has recorded over 600 songs, which will be released during his sentence. He and his team hope that they can get his sentenced reduced to five years with good behavior, which would have him released at 36 years old.

Greedo’s most recent project, The Wolf Of Grape Street, is available now via Alamo Records.