03 Greedo’s Tweets About Queer Women Are Raising Some Eyebrows


California’s 03 Greedo is quickly building a reputation as a guy who will say anything, no matter what anyone thinks of it. He’s still catching grief for calling Tupac a “b*tch ass n—-” in the wake of Lil Xan’s “boring” comments. His comments didn’t actually address why he felt Tupac’s music was boring, but they indicated he had a lot to get off his chest. And apparently, he still does. The upcoming rapper was recently tweeting and let us know one of his fetishes: “fu*cin dykes and tomboys.”

He clarifies that he’s not referring to “ugly dikes,” but “lost dykes” because he “knows they bad up under there.” When a woman asked him if he was “lowkey gay” since “a dyke is a girl that dress like a boy,” Greedo continued the stimulating discussion by decreeing, “girls can’t be gay.” He said that lesbians are “stupid for thinking that stupid disguise keeps Diccs from getting hard,” and said “they just grind n use fake penis.” He then let us know “U not gon take eve from Adam. This is #GodsPlan.”

Somewhere, Drake’s team may be sweating and hoping Greedo’s assertion doesn’t affect the impact of his smash single. Or they could be just shaking their head in befuddlement.