2 Chainz Details Working With Eminem And Confirms Em Has A New Album On The Way

There are murmurs that Eminem has a new album on the way, and that was all but confirmed when Allen Hughes — the director of the HBO documentary on Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, The Defiant Onestold Uproxx: “(Dr. Dre’s) producing, in the 11th hour, a track for Eminem’s latest album.” It was confirmation that not only is Dre still active, but Em has something cooking up and now the world is talking. One person who also seems to be involved in the process is 2 Chainz, who posted a few pictures with Marshall on Instagram a few weeks ago, fueling rumors that the two had worked, and now Chainz himself is confirming that they did record a track together for a project Eminem is working on.

The Hair Weave Killer spoke with DJ Drama for an episode of Streetz Is Watchin and detailed the entire situation with Eminem, including the phone calls that lead to the collaboration and the rap conversations that he and Em had privately. He explains how D12 member Denaun Porter set the two up, first by phone then later in person.

“That’s how I know I can rap,” 2 Chainz said about the collaboration. “He didn’t want to talk about nothing but rap.” The initial request was just for Chainz to re-record a hook that Eminem had written and recorded some ad-libs, but he balked because as he put it, “I write my own hooks, and I want my (publishing).”

Chainz revealed that he received the call while Eminem was at Rick Rubin’s house, and after some deliberation, he agreed to meet, and eventually Em suggested Chainz get on a remix for the track. That suggestion caused him to ask Em, “Eminem, what would you need a remix for? Remixes are used to carry records to the No. 1 spot, when have you ever did a remix for someone or for yourself?” After a quick smoke break, and speaking with his daughter’s doctor for a while 2 Chainz laid a verse on the song and the rest is history.

“When it was over, Eminem came up to me and said ‘Man, how the hell did you rhyme tabernacle with Adam’s apple?'” he said of the immediate aftermath after he recorded, before confirming “He’s got a project coming out.”

Watch the entire interview with Drama below, including guest appearances from 2 Chainz’s daughter Heaven, and check out the Eminem story beginning at about the 17:30 mark below.