2 Chainz And Travis Scott Have Some ‘4AM’ Fun In Their New Music Video

2 Chainz’ Pretty Girls Like Trap album was so well-received that he’s still serving us dope content months later. He’s been literally breathing different air, which may – or may not – have anything to do with him finally putting together a cohesive album that arguably laid a blueprint for future trap rappers. The 16-track record is regarded by many people as his best, a project which even crowned him as “King of the Trap” to some fans – including Aaron Williams. It’s only right that he got with Travis Scott, another member of trap’s royal family (and the Kardashian family), to put a visual together for “4AM,” a standout on the album.

After a glitchy intro, the video takes us to a scene of 2 Chainz and unsurprisingly scantily-clad women frolicking in an expansive hotel suite. Travis Scott joins him, wearing a shirt so fresh (and copywritten) that it’s censored throughout the fun 4-minute visual. We also visit a club, a roundtable with Scott and friends, and a woman enjoying some solo time – with a pink chicken.

The pink motif has been prevalent throughout Pretty Girls’ album cycle, most notably with a pink “Trap House” that became a de facto HIV testing center for Fulton County.