2 Chainz Is Literally Breathing His Own Air Because He Is Better Than Your Favorite Rapper

We often say that celebrities and entertainers are “moving in rare air,” but never so literally. Atlanta rapper 2 Chainz recently Instagrammed himself partaking of a can of Vitality Air, which is basically oxygen in a can.

Given 2 Chainz is currently on tour to promote his latest album, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music, the reigning king of trap may have been somewhere like China, where the air quality has been known to get pretty bad, and where Vitality Air does a brisk business.

The company started out as a gag gift on eBay in Canada in 2014, compressing Alberta, Canada’s air into cans for consumption thousands of miles from the Great White North. According to the National Post, Vitality Air sold out of its first shipment of 500 bottles to China within a few weeks. However, despite the company billing their product as having all sorts of health benefits (it’s right there in the name, no less), there really isn’t any benefit to sucking bottled air unless you actually have a breathing problem and have been prescribed oxygen by a doctor.

That is, unless your name is 2 Chainz, and you’re a rapper from Atlanta, and you just happen to want to look like a baller on Instagram. Then, by all means, enjoy your Canadian air in a can. Because who else but 2 Chainz could make breathing out of a can of compressed oxygen look cool? Nobody, that’s who. Because 2 Chainz is cooler than us all.