ASAP Mob Claim They’re Better Than Any Other New York Rap Group, Including Wu-Tang Clan

We may have called ASAP Mob “the new Wu-Tang Clan,” but it looks like the group is more than willing to take that sentiment a step further. In an interview with Billboard, Rocky said, “You can’t be mad at us thinking we’re the best. We look up to Wu-Tang, Dipset, G-Unit, Roc-A-Fella, all them n*ggas before us, but we’re the best, bro.”

Perhaps ASAP Ferg was worried that fans might think they were as “Wrong” as his latest single title, because he interjected, “If we didn’t think we were the best, then Wu-Tang didn’t do their job. We’re supposed to learn off them.” Meanwhile, despite the Mob recently killing late night and garnering festival bookings with the release of their second group offering, The Cozy Tapes, Vol. 2: Too Cozy, they haven’t exactly got the streets nationwide rocking Raf Simons (though not for lack of trying, but Raf doesn’t currently have any bright pink T-shirts for sale, either).

The Wu-Tang Clan hasn’t gone anywhere, either, but ASAP Ant elaborated on what the crew means with their ’90s rap fan-rattling statements: “It’s just the impact that we gave. We brought back crews, you feel me? With Tyler, the Creator and what they did with Odd Future, like we were one of the crews that brought it back to Wu-Tang, Roc-A-Fella Records, Ruff Ryders, EPMD when they had Redman and them. Keith Murray. So hell yeah. Everybody takes swags, you know what I’m saying? We gave the culture to people. We provided the wave to the new generation.”

Whether or not you agree, it’s hard to dispute the fact that they are more or less the only widely-popular NY rap crew of the “current” generation, and in that way, maybe they’re right — but we’ll probably have to wait a generation to find out.