I Attended G-Unit’s Shade 45 Reunion Special (8 New G-Unit Songs Played)

08.22.14 4 years ago 5 Comments


So I got an invite to see G-Unit’s reunion special on Shade 45 last night in NYC. The show was about two hours long and included various interview questions and six new G-Unit tracks. Rob Markman hosted the event and he did not hold any punches, he asked all the questions we want answers to. The Unit talked about the break up, from the Young Buck recorded phone conversation to whether 50 Cent was too hard on Lloyd Banks. They then spoke on how they got back together, and how it feels to be back. They spoke on other topics like Fredro Starr saying he had 50 Cent running, Bobby Shmurda using the “Jackpot” beat and 50’s lines in a song they played called “Changes” In the song 50 Cent said something like, “That n**** said he owned the team, he only owned a seat.” It is obvious who he is talking about, but it wasn’t really a diss. “Changes” also mentions Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre….

During the interview G-Unit played new tracks, six during the show. Songs included, “Don’t F*** With You,” “Digital Scale,” “Changes,” “Watch Me,” “The Plug” and more. I remember one of the songs was produced by Havoc. I was feeling the majority of the songs played, G-Unit seems in sync and hungry. I can tell 50 Cent is excited about their new music, after the show he played two more tracks from his phone. I asked 50 if these tracks will be on a mixtape or an album. He said he wasn’t sure yet, he wants to go with the flow and let things grow organically.

Check the show on Shade 45 Monday night, August 25th at 10 PM.

– Nigel D.

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