The Best Hip-Hop-Influenced Film Soundtracks Of All Time

03.06.18 1 year ago 12 Comments

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Hip-hop and big-budget movies are a match made in heaven — when you combine the out-of-this-world personalities of rappers like Eminem or Kendrick Lamar with the potent narratives of a brilliant screenplay it becomes a fully formed cinematic Voltron. And with the release of the highly successful soundtrack for Black Panther, courtesy of Kendrick Lamar and the TDE crew, that conversation has definitely opened again.

Movies can be enhanced with a good soundtrack, a fact which has never been as clear as when you look at the recent example of the aforementioned Panther and the Kendrick Lamar curated musical accompaniment. So to honor the success of Panther, and its predecessors, we’ve created a list of some of the best hip-hop soundtracks of all time — from big-budget to lesser-known fare, these albums have left an impact on the movies that they are inspired by.

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