Beyonce’s Bare, Henna-Covered Pregnant Belly Will Shut Up Surrogate Truthers Forever

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05.22.17 4 Comments

Beyonce hosted a Morocco-themed baby shower over the weekend, to celebrate the impending birth of her twins, and the stunning photos of her Henna-covered belly should shut up people who believe she’s used a surrogate for the rest of time.

Of course, Beyonce is glowing so strongly in the black-and-white that it might even render people who didn’t believe odd conspiracy theories speechless. The pop star posted several shots of herself along with husband Jay Z to her Instagram.

In spite of her belly, this shower is still a party and Beyonce’s still Beyonce. So she made her way out onto the floor to dance a little bit with Jigga.

Beyonce’s mother Tina Lawson threw the party in a Beverly Hills mansions and posted videos from the event, including one of guests shouting “Happy Carter Push Party!”

Guests at the colorful event included Serena Williams, Kelly Rowland and La La Anthony and they were captured celebrating by proud grandmother Lawson.

Much like every Beyonce Instagram post — especially the ones documenting her pregnancy — the images of Beyonce showing off her bare stomach are powerful and bound to be seared into the cultural consciousness. No word yet if she’s repping any particular orisha in these photos, but we’re sure the theological side of the Hive is on the case.

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