A Complete Rundown Of Rap’s Biggest Winners At The 2016 VMAs

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The 2016 MTV Video Music Awards are in the books and, as things go, it’s customary to take a step back to survey the artists who shined brightest in a night filled with stars. Hip-hop was in the building throughout the proceedings, adding the level of cool only the culture could bring. Everyone from Kanye West and Chance to Future and Drake were all in attendance so let’s do a quick recap of who the artists who had big nights.

Chance The Rapper

Win, lose or draw, Chance won before the show even aired. To be indie and giving away his music for free, Chance’s been making waves throughout the industry and not just rap. Making it to the VMAs was just another momentary plateau for Lil Chano from 79th. Plus, he’s now verbally committed to a track with DJ Khaled, the guy who brings all the A-listers together to make monster music.


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Again, do you see that damn salmon-colored suit? The man’s bringing back the mid-level coke dealer look prevalent in most movies from the ’80s. It takes mighty big ones to pull that suit off, let alone do it while the whole world is watching.

DJ Khaled

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No one can pinpoint just what DJ Khaled does musically but that’s what makes him perfect for MTV since they haven’t really cared about music in ages. The industry itself is more about personalities, pacifying the youth, and creating the most social media buzz possible. For that, the boisterous DJ from Dade the best option to play host to the pre-show coverage as he engaged each and every guest as if they were A-list talent.


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Diddy claimed Drake was “stuck in traffic” when it was time for the Bad Boy singer to present his Canadian counterpart with the award for Best Hip-Hop Video. Drake wasn’t about to fall for the okey doke from Diddy, MTV or anyone else because getting within arm’s reach of Puff hasn’t always worked out for him. A Moonman is just not worth risking getting two-pieced on national television. Smart move, Drake.


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When he performed “Wicked” at a previous awards show, the whole thing came off lackluster with the obscene level of censoring the song went through. Looking to bounce back, Future decided to roll with “Commas” and the crowd became his. The energy level in the venue was lit and not being able to curse wasn’t an issue — the audience filled in every missing “f*ck” so Future didn’t have to do the dirty work. Also, it’s f*ckin’ phenomenal when one of the most accomplished Olympic athletes of all time tells the world that he gets into his zone by jammin’ to your music.

Kanye West

We all know awards show Yeezy has a knack for completely pissing people off. So when MTV announced they were granting him several minutes of solo time on stage, the whole world watched and waited to see what he’d do to ruffle feathers. Thankfully, Kanye was on the Kanye equivalent of what can be called his best behavior during his speech: poking fun at Ray J, shouting out his ex, Amber, and thanking his wife Kim Kardashian for always putting up with his shenanigans. He did it all while wearing a smile and not taking himself seriously, helping the whole bit go over well with the audience in attendance as well as on social media.

His decision to sub in Teyana for the “Fade” video will also win him some applause, too. No, a standing ovation for that damn visual. I never really thought she could top “Maybe” but that’s far in the rearview as of tonight.