New Poll Shows The Majority Of Young White People Support The Black Lives Matter Movement

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09.06.16 7 Comments

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The Black Lives Matter movement is gaining support from young white people, a new poll shows.

GenForward published their latest report, which can be seen here, on Monday and it shows that young people ages 18-30 across the board hold favorable views of the Black Lives Matter movement. According to those surveyed, the majority of African-American, Asian Americans, Latinos and whites are in support of the group. Of those polled, 51% of young whites were in favor, a 10% increase from a similar study conducted in June.

However, responses to the group’s rhetoric appear to differ greatly. Of the people polled, 66% of whites believe Black Lives Matter promotes messages that encourage violence against police. The number was much larger than those reported for Asian Americans (43%), Latinos (42%) and African-Americans (19%).

With the upcoming presidential election looming, voting was another topic covered. African Americans (60%), Asian Americans (52%), and Latinos (49%) indicated they will vote for Hillary Clinton in November. Whites age 18-30 included in the sample section were were decidedly split with Clinton (28%) barely edging out Donald Trump (28%). Trump only received 2% of the vote from African-Americans while he did score 8% and 12% from Latinos and Asian-Americans, respectively. Across the board, all groups showed a majority interest in the campaigns and upcoming election, indicators the study says correlates with the chances of young voters actually taking part in the voting process come November.

(Via GenForward)

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