Blueface Kicked His Mom Out Of His House And Called Her A ‘Clout Chaser’ For Posting About It On Instagram

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Blueface has become one of rap fans’ favorite rising stars for his charming personality and the way he upends the conventions of the genre, but he may have broken one inviolable tradition that may turn them against him. Apparently, during a recent visit to his house, his mom and sister got into some sort of disagreement with his new girlfriend, prompting him to kick them out of his house — literally.

In the above video, which was captured from the Instagram of Blueface’s mom as she live streamed the altercation, Blueface confronts his mother and sister from the second floor landing. His mom tells him to, “Come down here, Johnny,” as his sister tries to push past him. Early in the video, Blueface pushes his sister, making her retreat a few steps down, but she continues to taunt the women upstairs. Blue follows her down a few steps and as she tries to get past him again, he lashes out with a kick, telling her, “Get the f*ck out of here.” She threatens to starting breaking things and Blue tells both his mom and his sister to “get out” as his mom threatens to call the police.

After the altercation, Blueface posted his own Instagram story to lament that “you know it’s getting hectic when yo own momma do it for the clout.” He also defended himself by reminding followers “none of you were there so none of you knows what really happen[ed].”

There are more posts zinging back and forth between the family members, including one from Blue’s sister that claims his mom paid for his studio sessions earlier in his career, while he accuses her of trying to pursue a modeling career with the attention from the drama. We may never be certain, but considering that controversy is often part of artists’ promotional strategies now, it shouldn’t surprise anyone when all three see their follower counts rise.