Bow Wow Retiring From Rap Sparks Debate On Whether Or Not He Was Ever Relevant

Devastating news for the entire music world as rapper Shad Moss — formerly known as Lil Bow Wow — has announced his retirement from rap music. The 29-year-old rapper says that his upcoming album, NYLTH will be his final.

Moss, who also recently retired from being black, shared the shocking news with fans via social media, writing, “‘Retirement only means that it is time for a new adventure.’ Over 10 million sold. This the last one. THANK YOU.”

The rapper plans to go out with a bang, enlisting the help of Snoop Dogg to serve as executive producer of the album. “NYLTH will be executive produced by my uncle Snoop and myself since he brought me in the game,” Bow Wow tweeted. “It’s only right I involve [Snoop] and end it with him.”

Bow’s reasoning for giving up the mic is a pretty sound one. The part-time actor just doesn’t have sh*t else to accomplish music-wise. “Over 10 million sold,” he tweeted following his announcement. “Six arena tours, 10 top 10’s, a few platinum albums, two gold albums. I’M DONE.” The rapper also added he’s made $20 million off the rap game.

Pretty impressive feats, but even with all those accomplishments, Bow Wow retiring from rap is sparking a debate amongst both fans and critics. While fans are sad to see the rapper leave the rap game, critics are of the opinion that Bow was trash and never relevant anyway.

NYLTH will be out later this year. Moss is currently also working on his late night talk show.