Chance The Rapper And Casey Affleck Have A Hard Time Decorating A Christmas Tree In New ‘SNL ‘Promo Video

On Saturday, Casey Affleck will host Saturday Night Live and he will be joined by Chance The Rapper as the show’s musical guest. Apparently, promotion for the SNL gig also requires the two to help decorate the famous Rockfeller Center Christmas tree. They a little ill-prepared for the task unfortunately.

“I don’t think we thought this through,” Affleck tells Chance as they both stare at the gigantic tree. They’re supposed to be placed the topper at the tree’s peak, but all they have is a two-step ladder, which obviously won’t get them very far.

“Uh, you just got to believe… (in) uh, Christmas,” the rapper hilariously responds.

Surely, they’ll both fair much better on the actual show or at least Chano should. His next performance will mark his third appearance on the SNL stage. Last time, he joined Kanye West for a performance of the Pablo track “Ultralight Beam” back in February of this year. It will cap what’s already been a banner year after his Coloring Book release was nominated for several Grammy categories when the announcements were made a few weeks back.

This season’s final episode of Saturday Night Live airs on December 17 at 11:30 p.m. EST on NBC.

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