‘SNL’ Perfectly Captures The Days Of Old School Hip Hop With Chance The Rapper And The Soul Crush Crew

There is little doubt at this point that Chance The Rapper made the most of his hosting appearance on SNL. If he doesn’t end up in the five-timers club at some point, it is only because he doesn’t want to. He brought energy to the show, easily bringing entertainment and laughs throughout the night. But he did touch on his hip hop roots a bit with this excellent short on Rap History featuring appearances by Questlove, Common, and the Soul Crush Crew.

You might not be familiar with the Soul Crush Crew, much like modern rap god Lil Doo Doo in the sketch, but Kool Kenny Blade, Chief Bronco, and DJ Grand Wizard Karate were in tune with the streets and paved the way for the dominance of hip hop today. At least it seems that way thanks to their tough fashion sense and hard hitting beats. They make Grandmaster Flash And The Furious Five look silly.

Soul Crush Crew were the only group on the scene to be pro-crack according to Common and their clothing choices were extensions of their personalities, really creating a strong unit that launch hip hop into the top of the charts by helping push all the other legendary groups to the top.

Lil Doo Doo on the other hand considers old school hip hop anything after 2009. Lil Doo Doo is a menace and never would’ve made it on the streets in 1978. He need to get himself some brooches and stop living in a bubble.

(Via SNL)