Chris Brown Furiously Refutes The Claims That He Has Drug Problems And Anger Issues

Recently, Billboard published a big, extensively-reported story about Chris Brown and the out of control state of both his career and his well-being. It was an unflattering portrait to say the least, finding the singer passing out on his couch and ingesting large quantities of cocaine, lean, molly, and Xanax, while also flying off into fits of rage.

In the wake of the release of the profile, Chris Brown posted a number of videos to his Instagram story refuting the claims made by those interviewed by Billboard. “Y’all gotta stop with this ‘angry’ sh*t, ‘going through drugs,’ and all this other sh*t,” Brown said. “I’m tired of reading about some sh*t soon as I’ve got something popping. Soon as I want to promote a tour, a party, a f*cking album, anything, y’all bring up something.”

In another clip he showed off his new recording studio, still under construction. “My weed and my work, that’s all I need,” he said.

This last year has been a tumultuous time for Brown to say the least. First there was the hours-long standoff with police in August over a supposed jewelry theft. Then there was the boxing match against Soulja Boy that failed to materialize. More recently, his legal battles against his one-time girlfriend Karrueche Tran that has dominated headlines after the latter got a restraining order against him because he reportedly threatened to kill her.

The Billboard story points out the moment in 2015 when Brown broke his sobriety as the spark that has caused much of the subsequent tumult in his life, that also led his manager Michael “Mike G” Guirguis to quit in May 2016. He’s now suing Brown for allegedly beating him up in a “(drug-fueled) rage.” Shortly after Guirguis and Brown parted way, things really spiraled out of control.

“By the time One Hell of a Nite launched in Europe on May 22, 2016, Brown lacked any kind of day-to-day management, according to a member of his security team at the time, and was lashing out at anyone who challenged his authority. That member of Brown’s personal detail recalls Brown screaming at his recently hired tour manager, Nancy Ghosh, threatening to beat her up because she asked his cousin not to smoke marijuana on the managers’ bus. She quit that day, May 23, sending an email, TMZ reported, in which she said that she felt unsafe because Brown had been acting ‘irrational and high on drugs.’”