The Grossest Thanksgiving Struggle Plates Ever

11.14.13 6 years ago 47 Comments

You want to laugh? You want to throw up? You want to throw up while laughing? Follow @CookingForBae, the premiere instagram page dedicated to nothing but struggle plates crafted by well-intentioned people for their supposed loved ones. I say “supposed” because you don’t do sh*t like this to people you love.

But wait, what’s a struggle plate? Urban Dictionary to your rescue!

Struggle plate:

A dish of food that either looks like nasty, unappetizing slop or is simply ugly in presentation, even if it might actually taste good.

Term even applies to when one posts a picture that exposes his or her lack of culinary savvy. Person who prepared said food is usually quite delusional, really believing they just threw down like a gourmet chef at a restaurant rated tops in a Zagat survey.

And now we’re back to @CookingForBae. Not to cook-shame, but the IG is filled with some of the most struggliest plates ever seen. Why does chocolate cake have to look like cake covered in liquidy poop chunks? Why does it seem like hot dogs are at the crux of damn near every struggle plate? And why must they keep throwing cheese slices on top of everything???!!!!

No. None of these are real. This is maximum trolling. Because there’s no way in hell food like this is being prepared and people are actually eating it. Fruit Loops and BBQ sauce sandwiches?!! Jesus. And the worst part of it all? Thanksgiving’s in two weeks.

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