Curren$y And Starlito Come Together For A Collab Track 10 Years In The Making

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Maybe it did take a while, but we now have a Spitta-Starlito collab song on our hands. Grind Hard meets Jet Life on the new track “Told Me That,” produced by Cardo.

Spitta started promoting the song’s release via Twitter on Tuesday, telling his followers it was too hot to hold back. He wrote,”My and @LITO615 got a banger…. Can’t lie…. Can’t hold it till 10:30 10/30 …. Prolly gotta drop that now.” Hours later, he delivered the track plus a reminder: “[M]e and @LITO615 been cool before we got paper… Dig it.”

He’s right. Most people forget that both he and Lito were once members of the same extended family under the Young Money-Cash Money umbrella in the early-mid 2000s. They’ve publicly talked about doing music together in the past but never gotten around to recording and releasing anything until now. But, that’s all with good reason.

A lot has transpired since that time and most of it has been for the better. Both explored other situations but soon figured out they have the talent, business savvy and fan support to make it independently instead of leaning on a label for support. Now, they’re indie titans with relentless work ethics. They stay either in the recording booth or on the road or, as Star phrases it, “chitlin’ circuit but I’m living like I’m world touring.” Lito’s steered his course without much interference since deciding to go solo. For Spitta, he’s hopped around to release one-and-done deals with a few majors but has kept his dealings with bigger fish limited. Both of them pride themselves on being in complete control. They release what they want, when they want and have loyal followings who hang on their every tweet for mentions of new material, tour stops and, in Andretti’s case, new video content, like his Raps N Lowriders documentary series.

The song comes as Curren$y looks to go 10 for 10 in terms of him dropping a project each month in 2016. Next up, he’s coming through with another new tape on 10/30 at 10:30 p.m. Below, check out the recently released Sledgren-produced cut ‘For Nothin’,’ which is expected to be included on Saturday’s release, too.

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