Birdman Benevolently Lets Damian Lillard Keep His Lil Wayne Feature

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10.27.16 2 Comments

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Damian Lillard’s a much happier guy today.

As it turns out, he found a way to resolve whatever snag he hit a few days ago that temporarily forced him to remove Lil Wayne’s feature from his new album. He just had to learn what everyone else in the industry already knows right now: all roads to Weezy must pass through Birdman first.

“Update. Resolved the issues with the parent label for Lil Wayne. “Loyal to the Soil” will remain on #TheLetterO,” Lillard wrote on Twitter. “Thanks to Birdman, Slim and Mack Maine for their help making this happen.”

The messages were in reference to Blazers guard being forced to remove the Wayne-assisted track from his new album, The Letter O, at the behest of the “parent label,” as Lillard originally phrased it. Although he didn’t specify how the issue was resolved, he now gets to keep the most popular song on the album after getting the situation rectified with the help of the Cash Money brother Baby and Slim and Young Money’s president Mack Maine. Since Lillard didn’t call out Universal in any of his tweets, it’s possible that the long-running contractual dispute between Lil Wayne and Cash Money was the likely culprit in the first place.

Thankfully, Birdman was kind enough to help Lillard out, at what cost will remain a mystery for the time being. But, let’s hope his good will can somehow extend to Lil Wayne so he can release Tha Carter 5 and maybe even get some of the $50 million he claims he’s owed, too.

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