DJ Khaled Calls LA Reid A ‘Great Friend’ In The Wake Of Sexual Harassment Allegations

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Earlier this month, in what was one of the more stunning removals we’ve seen in the music industry of late, L.A. Reid was ousted from his position as the head of Epic Records. Word eventually leaked that his dismissal stemmed from some sexual harassment allegations that were leveled against him. Not many people have spoken on the record about either Reid or his situation following his his exit from Epic, that is, until now.

Last night, DJ Khaled was in attendance at the Billboard Music Awards where he was asked about Reid by a reporter from the Associated Press. The Miami Mogul stuck by his former label head, calling him a “great friend,” and “an amazing person.” Adding, “L.A. Reid, he a legend. I’m sure he got some amazing things about to happen. You know nothing but love for L.A. Reid” He also placed him in the pantheon of great record executives alongside the founder of Motown. “He’s the Berry Gordy of our time,” Khaled declared. “L.A. Reid is amazing. That’s my thoughts. He’s an amazing person and he’s a great executive, a great music mogul.”

Sony Music Entertainment announced Reid’s dismissal earlier this month with a simple statement, “L.A. Reid will be leaving the company.” In a subsequent report from the New York Post, it was revealed that Reid allegedly made, “inappropriate physical advances” toward an assistant at a company holiday party last December. It was later verified that Reid had multiple allegations pending against him at the time Sony was working out an agreement severing ties with the executive.

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