Was The Rockets’ Winning Streak More Impressive Than The Heat’s?

03.19.13 6 years ago 10 Comments


The Miami Heat are on an record setting winning streak with 23 wins in a row. This is the second longest NBA winning streak in history. The Heat have not lost a game since February 1st. Tracy McGrady told ESPN the Rockets’ 22 game winning streak was more impressive with Yao Ming getting injured during it. Mcgrady also stated, “And we didn’t have three guys making $100 million(Source).” Is Tracy McGrady being a hater or making valid points? Does the Heat’s winning streak show how great of a team they are or how weak and unbalanced the Eastern conference is? I will give the Heat credit, they did beat three of the top 5 teams in the west during the streak. Leave your thoughts below.

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