Drake Made Some High Schoolers’ Lives By Shooting The ‘God’s Plan’ Video On Their Campus

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When I was in high school, the best days involved free pizza, or watching a movie because your teacher was sick, or, maybe, an unannounced half-day. The bar was set very, very low, and pretty much anything outside the ordinary was a win. So, the idea of the biggest rapper in the world showing up at a high school to film his latest music video, well, there just isn’t a precedent for that. It’s about as mindblowing as it gets.

But that’s just what happened at Senior High School in Miami, as Drake popped up to film his video for No. 1 single “God’s Plan.” We don’t really have much of an idea how this video will end up looking, but it appears that the purpose was to get a mass of young people together and as riled up as possible. The clip above shows Drake on a crane while a drone swirls around, with what Drake is doing seeming a lot less interesting than what is happening on the ground.

A series of videos also surfaced on Twitter:

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