You Can Buy Drake’s Old Rhyme Book For $32,500

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An artifact from Drake’s Degrassi days has recently resurfaced. An old notebook the musician used between 2002 and 2005 was discovered in a dumpster behind his grandfather’s old furniture factory in Toronto, where he had reportedly held a job. The notebook contains Drake’s signature along with pages of lyrics from both popular and never developed songs. The rapper’s 20-25 page journal is up for sale for $32,500 by memorabilia company Moments in Time.

According to TMZ, the notebook encloses lyrics which give insight into Dreezy’s state of mind during his time on Degrassi.

Girls lie and you make it evident you affected

Up north / Drake is the president I’m respected

But I’m a liar due to the evidence you collected

From chicks in my crew / to chicks beside you

Cashiers at the drive through / them hoes lie too

The $32,500 notebook isn’t the first time one of Drake’s rhyme books has been up for sale. Last summer, a 68-page journal belonging to Drake before his debut album Room For Improvement was auctioned off starting at $8,000. The notebook included musings and hand scribbled lyrics to several songs which ended up appearing in the debut album. Along with lyrics, the notebook included several motivational phrases Drake likely used for inspiration. One motto reads, “When you understand life is when you can relax because everything you can ever want or be you already have and are.”

Drake is nominated for several Grammy awards. The nominations include Album of the Year for Scorpion, Song of the Year, and Record of the Year for “God’s Plan.” Earlier this year, Drake turned down an opportunity to perform at the 2019 Grammy Awards Ceremony.