Drake Reportedly Got His New Private Plane For The Low, Low Price Of ‘Free’

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Apparently, it really pays to be your country’s pop culture ambassador to the world — at least, it does if you’re Drake. The 32-year-old rapper not only gets away with murder on the sidelines of NBA Playoff games, but there are perks to the “job” most of us could only ever dream of. One of those perks is reportedly the fact that Drake’s new private plane, which he said was not a lease, rental, or time share, came at the low, low cost of free.99.


TMZ reports that the plane was actually given to Drake by Canada-based airline Cargojet in a case of mutually beneficial, patriotic largesse. Cargojet’s deal with Drake was that he simply do what rappers do: Fly around the world flexing his latest ballerific pickup, taking pictures, and generally showing off the gift so that Cargojet would receive what basically amounts to free publicity. Drake, of course, seems to be holding up his end of the bargain, posting a video of the plane’s unveiling to his 57.5 million Instagram followers — a video which wound up all over the rest of the internet because people can’t seem to get enough of Drake. The actual price tag for a 767 is somewhere around $200 million.

It helps that the plane stands out on the runway. During a recent visit to the Bahamas detailed in TMZ’s report, the robin’s egg exterior of “Air Drake” drew plenty of attention to itself. “God’s Plan” is mysterious, but Drake just keeps counting up his blessings.