Drake Reflects On How Communities Are ‘Conditioned To Hate’ In A New Short Film About Gun Violence In Toronto

03.18.19 4 months ago

Drake has always put on for his hometown of Toronto and, recently, they’ve been putting on for him, too. First, it was the Toronto Raptors renaming their practice facility after Drake’s brand OVO and also adding an alternate jersey with the OVO color scheme. Now, Mustafa The Poet, a singer, writer, and poet from Toronto is giving Drake the chance to speak about gun violence in his new short film.

The film will be titled Remember Me, Toronto and is inspired by a conversation Mustafa actually had with Drake. With Drake, Baka Not Nice and Pressa are also featured giving influential Toronto rappers a space to speak their minds.

“So, I’m basically interviewing different rappers from across Toronto, and they gave me these really beautiful responses,” he said to Complex. “It just humanizes everyone. When you get lost to gun violence, there’s a stigma. There’s a narrative in the media that insinuates that the victims deserved to die.”

40, Drake’s well-known producer, was also part of the project in his own way as he did the music and score for the film. There is a lot of pain in some of the interviews but this is all done in an attempt to make the city safer and keep people away from guns and to stay away from gun violence. You can watch the full film above.

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