Editorial: Drake Sold Us Guys Out With “Girls Love Beyonce”

04.21.13 5 years ago 103 Comments

Drake has been on a roll, killing most of his features (Not “No Guns Allowed“) and making his claim as one of the best with, “5 AM In Toronto.” Drake even went on to put Chris Brown in check during his interview with Elliott Wilson. So when Drake announced two new tracks would be coming out we all expected some hits to drop…

The first release was a collab called, “No New Friends.” I think people are tired of seeing the lineup of, DJ Khaled, Drake, Rick Ross And Lil Wayne. We want DJ Khaled to make, “New Friends,” and get “New Features.” Drake did his thing on the track but overall it wasn’t a hit in my opinion. But with constant radio play who knows.

The second release was a song for the ladies called, “Girls Love Beyonce,” that samples Destiny Child’s, “Say My Name.” That alone will get ladies to love the song. Drake spits lines softer than baby food on the track. Drake raps, “These days it’s hard to meet women, feel like my love life is finished.” How is it hard for him to meet women when he just stated Rihanna fell into his lap? He goes on to sell his boys out saying:

“All my young boys around me saying, “Get money and f*** these hoes.” Where we learn these values? I do not know what to tell you.”

I don’t know what to tell you Drake, we learned some of these values from you. You taught us she might win a Grammy but we should treat her ass like a nominee. You taught us we just need to know what that P**** like so one time is fine. You let us know if you like her you just fly her out to the city you are in. You even taught us to F*** her on the floor before we make it to the bed.

I have no problem with Drake dropping tracks for the ladies, “Marvin’s Room,” was a major hit. When you are a rapper you are getting all the females and when you are R&B singer you are lonely. The formula is working out great and keeps your fans happy. Make the hits for the ladies but don’t sell us guys out in the process is all I’m saying. With that said, Drake is one of the best putting out music right now and I am looking forward to, “Nothing Was The Same.”
Nigel D.

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