Drake’s ‘You Don’t Know What’s In Store’ Instagram Post Is Teasing Something, But What?

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08.09.17 3 Comments

You don't know…what's in store…

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Drake is the master of artful teases and raising the internet’s collective blood pressure with his cryptic social media posts.

Take, for instance, the moody Instagram post that had seemingly the whole world clamoring for Take Care 2 to drop. Or how about the Starbucks “ad” that had us all scratching our heads and wondering if The Boy had a new, OVO-themed beverage hitting the menu — still wondering what flavor that would be. Drake shut down the shopping center his new flagship store opened up in to shoot a pseudo-music video with his boys in matching sweaters. Even his more straightforward promotional attempts are off-the-wall while still holding an element of mystery (I really want to know what this whiskey tastes like).

So who knows what he’s planning with the above Instagram post featuring a replica of the Toronto Tower, which he infamously photoshopped himself atop for the cover to Views, launching a thousand memes. He’s performing at his annual OVO-fest alongside fellow Toronto resident The Weeknd here, so it could be a new collaboration between the two, which he’s been promising more or less forever, or it could be the set of a new tour, which would certainly be something to see live. The cryptic caption, “You don’t know what’s in store,” could suggest anything from a new album, to a men’s fragrance. With Drake, anything goes; we may not know what’s in store, but don’t be too surprised by whatever it is — after all, he did give us fair warning.

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