One Vlogger Captured The Fyre Festival Chaos That Led To A $100 Million Lawsuit

Contributing Writer
05.01.17 9 Comments

As we get further away from the absolute mess that was Ja Rule’s Fyre Festival, more and more details are emerging about how and why it went so poorly. While we all had a good laugh at the idea of stranded rich kids, it’s important to remember how chaotic things were on the ground as $100 million lawsuits start to drop. Luckily, vlogger Austin Mills was one of the attendees and he shot his entire experience with the fest — from airport delays to the apparent moment that organizers told attendees to barge into whatever tents they could find if they wanted to sleep.

We could likely fill a book — or at least several depositions — with everything that went wrong at the Ja Rule-led failure fest (that’s totally not his fault, you guys). But if you’re looking for the Cliff’s Notes, Mills’ video is a good resource.

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