The Fyre Festival Pitch Deck To Investors And Advertisers Leaked Out And It’s Absolutely Bonkers

By now, you’ve probably heard of Fyre Festival, the Lord of the Flies-esque, “luxury” music festival getaway to the Bahamas that lit up social media over the weekend. Nearly every facet of the disastrous event has been trumpeted over social media, from the poorly planned logistics, the cheese sandwiches, the Blink 182 cancellation, to Ja Rule’s epic motivational speech: “To living like movie stars, partying like rock stars, and f*cking like porn stars,” he decreed. Then there’s the little matter of the $100 million lawsuit that’s only just gotten started.

What wasn’t known until last night was how the organizers ever managed to find anyone to go in on their debacle with them. Thanks to some detective work by Vanity Fair, now we do. The publication recently got its hands on a 43-page pitch presentation that the festival organizers used to try and obtain funds to set up their operation, and it is stunning.

The plan proposes promoting the festival using a group of 400 social media influencers that they dubbed “Fyre Starters.” The names they tabbed included Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski, and Nick Bateman, none of whom actually ever affiliated themselves with the event. The organizers plan was to entice them all with free flights, accommodations, and tickets to the event. The pitch claims that their “Fyre Starters” reached “300 million social impressions” in just the first 48 hours, which may or may not have been actual, real people.

The most galling part of the pitch however was their prediction that, “The actual experience exceeds all expectations and is something that’s hard to put to words. It will IGNITE that type of ENERGY, that type of POWER in our guests.” Or maybe it was the promise that, “Over the next five years, we will traverse the globe to find untouched lands and convert them into unparalleled experiences.” Either way, the delusion involved in this whole thing is completely off the charts.

You can check out the entire thing over on Vanity Fair.