Ghostface Killah Is Making His Own Money With A Cryptocurrency Startup Called ‘CREAM’

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It’s starting to become widely known that rap alone doesn’t quite pay the bills. Many rappers have branched out into other money-making ventures, like P. Diddy, who topped Forbes‘ Hip-Hop Cash Kings list this year by selling off a portion of his Sean John clothing line while maintaining ownership of Ciroc vodka, or Jay-Z, whose deals with Sprint and Live Nation have turned out to be quite lucrative. Heck, even Drake has brand sponsors and his own whiskey label bringing in the bucks, so it makes sense that even ’90s rap legends like Ghostface Killah are getting in on their own business ventures (especially since it doesn’t seem that he’s getting a cut of that million-dollar Wu-Tang album anytime soon).

But leave it to one of the most outlandishly creative rappers in hip-hop to take the road less traveled. Rather than a traditional investment like a restaurant, real estate, or brand endorsement, it looks like Ghost is taking the lyrics to Wu-Tang’s breakout hit “CREAM” to heart. According to Pigeons And Planes the silver-tongued wordsmith has partnered with three other entrepreneurs to co-found Cream Capital, a new cryptocurrency firm that hopes to raise $30 million in funding through a digital coin sale.

Cryptocurrency, such as bitcoin, is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange using cryptography to secure the transactions and to control the creation of additional units of the currency. It’s a fancy way of using computer code as money. According to co-founder/CEO Brett Westbrook, “[Ghostface] is a very forward-thinking person and has a keen interest in emerging technologies. It’s hard to ignore blockchain tech today even when you’re a busy, touring hip-hop artist.” He went on to explain how the pair linked up, and what Ghost’s involvement with the company would be: “I personally connected with him during a Reddit AMA on /r/hiphopheads last year when he was seeking tech-inclined people to work with in future technology focused projects.”

Apparently, Ghost will serve as the company’s Chief Branding Officer with the hope that he will be able to help translate the niche technology to more layperson’s level of access. “He plays a critical role in helping the general public learn more about cryptocurrencies and specifically the benefits and value that Cream Capital brings to this space,” Westbrook explains.

The group has collaborated on other ventures in the past, including a clothing line, realty, and a home rentals service. Cream Capital will be holding a token sale of their cryptocurrency, Cream Dividend, on November 11, 2017. You can find more info here.