Hospin’s Funk Volume And Crooked I’s The Horseshoe Gang Exchange Disses

Hospin and his Funk Volume crew challenged any label to a three on three rap battle for $500k. The Horseshoe Gang replied with “Half A Meal.” Funk Volume responded with “Free Meal” and TheHorseshoe Gang has already replied with “Same Day” below. A lot of bars on these tracks, who is winning so far?

Funk Volume and Hopsin originally challenged any label or crew to a $500,000 battle on Sway In The Morning on Wednesday, August 19th.

Hopsin mentioned that they would “demolish” Horseshoe Gang and KXNG CROOKED, which led to Horseshoe Gang firing back lyrically with “Half A Meal” on Saturday, August 22nd.

The fans waited almost a full week for a response from the Funk Volume trio, and on Friday, August 28th, Hopsin and Funk volume finally did with the release of “Free Meal”.

Only a few hours after the Funk Volume diss track was released, Horseshoe Gang quickly hit the studio and bombed back on the Tabu produced cut “Same Day.”