Iggy Azalea’s Technicolor Thirst Trap Twerking Video Hints At A Big Return

Iggy Azalea recently shared a photo negative twerking video to Instagram. To be honest, if any other person posted this to their IG, we’d just call it a thirst trap and keep it moving, however this twerking video might carry some serious significance. Given the tag of Lil’ Internet, the clip might actually be a small preview of some new music coming from Iggy. That’s right, her long-awaited The New Classic follow-up Digital Distortion could be on the way.

According to an Iggy Azalea fan website, she’s currently in Hong Kong shooting a new video for that album.

Her Instagram posts from earlier this week seem to bear that out. Here’s the rapper practicing some moves with the same visual effect added.

We have already heard some songs that will presumably be on Distortion, like “Team” and “Azillion,” but the reviews have largely been mixed. Still, we hope that the Australian rapper whose trumped up blaccent caused a firestorm can mount a real comeback with her next release, and we really hope it happens soon. After all, anything is better than having to wince along with her very public heartbreak over the dissolution of her relationship with Nick Young or watching her get owned by kids in airports.