Jay Z Fans Are Gleefully In Formation After He Dropped ‘4:44’

It’s finally here, after four years Jay Z has unleashed a new album on his fans and needless to say, they’re excited. With the arrival of 4:44 came the wave of memes, jokes, celebratory tweets and glee that is associated with any major musical release, but on steroids because Jay’s fans do not mess around.

It helps that Jay pulled no punches, and even on the first song hops right in discussing everything from his fight with Solange to cheating on Beyonce and even takes a shot at Kanye West. Jay even later discusses social media and Al Sharpton’s infamous selfies, practically inviting the memes.

For Jay it’s his first album in four years, and though it’s clearly a ploy to goose the Tidal subscriber numbers it just might work with all the anticipation for the album. Tidal even made it so if you didn’t have an account before the album dropped you can’t just suddenly sign up to hear it. It’s savvy business, and the album created the splash that everybody knew it would.

For the fans, it was everything they wanted and shot Jay and Tidal straight to the top of Twitter’s trending topics and owned the internet for the night.