Ava DuVernay Shares A Star-Studded Look Behind The Scenes Of Jay-Z’s Video For ‘Family Feud’

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Jay-Z’s highly-anticipated video for “Family Feud” dropped on Friday and did not disappoint. The eight-minute short features the rapper, Blue Ivy, and Beyonce in some key scenes torn straight out of The Godfather, but it is the rest of the star-studded production that is gaining the most attention. And most of that is due to the talent of Selma and A Wrinkle In Time director Ava DuVernay.

DuVernay shared a few behind-the-scenes look at the production, shedding some light on the story elements within, what they meant to her, and some of the influences behind the visuals. It’s a fantastic thread, for the cinephiles and for the fans of the music. It also shows just how much goes into a production and the people who make it possible at every turn.

The first set deals with the scene set in 2444 starring Thandie Newton, Michael B. Jordan, and Moonlight‘s Trevante Rhodes, highlighting errors and adding, “All families hurt each other. Mistakes are made. Expectations unmet. Jealousies fester.” The photos of Jordan as a “black Jedi knight” are pretty cool and likely will create a few think pieces about DuVernay directing a Star Wars movie. Some of us are just concerned about the fashion choices we’re going to have to make in the future.

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