Jay-Z Imagines Blue Ivy As The President In The Afro-Futuristic Video For ‘Family Feud’

Jay-Z and Beyonce must be pretty big fans of Game Of Thrones-style drama, as the newly-released, Ava DuVernay-directed video for “Family Feud” from his critically-acclaimed, Grammy-nominated album 4:44 deftly incorporates the themes of power struggle, political intrigue, and filial infighting from that show, all in just eight minutes.

Throughout that runtime, Jay imagines an America rebuilt from the ground up by a matriarchal council led by none other than his grown-up daughter Blue Ivy (who also makes an appearance as herself), a future where the Carter legacy has survived wars and technological setbacks, and the Afrofuturist maneuverings of his descendants. The short film contains appearances from huge names in Hollywood, from Michael B. Jordan, who appears in Marvel’s Black Panther next year, to Trevante Rhodes, who starred in the breakout film Moonlight. Blue’s futuristic women’s council features appearances from A-listers like Thandie Newton, Constance Wu, Mindy Kaling, and Rosario Dawson.

Beyonce makes a cameo as well, mugging the camera as Jay delivers his “Family Feud” verses from inside a cathedral’s confessional booth, sharing his wisdom about community, self-determination, and cooperative economics. It’s also one of the songs from 4:44 where he directly addresses his infidelity in his relationship with Beyonce, which earned him high praise in the press this year.