Watch Jhene Aiko Find Love In Her Imaginative, Semi-Autobiographical 23-Minute Short Film, ‘Trip’

After posting the trailer for her short film, Trip, yesterday, Jhene Aiko has released the full, 23-minute feature today. Written and co-directed by herself and Tracy Oliver, Trip stars Jhene as the lovelorn protagonist, Penny, searching for meaning after experiencing a traumatic loss.

The plot mimics Jhene’s own life story; she lost her brother to cancer at a young age and has referenced him in her music and online ever since. The loss has led to Jhene’s interest in exploring sometimes dark themes through her music as well, such her struggles with bipolar disorder and depression.

In the film, Penny seeks solitude at a secluded beach to write poetry, but meets Dante, a curious passerby who is smitten and intrigued by her. He requests her company on a trip of discovery around the world, an invitation she accepts.

Trip features both new music and poetry from Jhene Aiko, who narrates Penny’s internal thoughts as she comes to terms with her brother’s death and recovers from her loss with Dante at her side. There’s even a short animated section that imagines what Jhene would look like as a cartoon character and depicts a different kind of trip through an colorful dreamscape.

Check out Trip above. It’s a decent way to kill twenty minutes on your lunch break, if nothing else.