Kanye Is Boycotting The Grammys If Frank Ocean Isn’t Nominated, But There’s A Big Problem

It’s safe to say Kanye West doesn’t keep up with music news. The mad producer’s Saint Pablo tour stopped in Oakland Saturday night and he announced that he’ll be boycotting the Grammys if Frank Ocean isn’t nominated for a golden gramophone for his latest projects. The problem here is that Frank Ocean most certainly will not be nominated this year because he failed to submit his albums for Grammy consideration before the filing deadline.

“The album I listened to the most this year is Frank Ocean’s album,” a passionate Kanye revealed at Oakland’s Oracle Arena. “I’ll tell you this right now: if his album’s not nominated in no categories, I’m not showing up to the Grammys. As artists, we gotta come together to fight the bullsh*t they been throwing us with.”

Kanye’s going to have to root for another album because Frank Ocean isn’t the least bit interested in competing for another Grammy. Billboard cites a “source close to the situation” as saying that Ocean’s team was aware of the deadlines and decided to skip the popularity contest all together.

Earlier this year, Kanye threatened to boycott the 2016 Grammys if the Recording Academy didn’t promise him Album of the Year, tweeting, “I’m practicing my Grammy Speech. I’m not going to the Grammys unless they promise me the Album of the Year!!!” Life of Pablo was released the day before the award show.