Kanye West Is Fighting Back Against Allegations That Weed Ruined His Tour

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The drama over Kanye West’s cancelled Saint Pablo tour is seemingly getting messier by the day. Kanye, of course, cancelled the tour after a meltdown where he dissed Jay-Z and Beyonce at the Sacramento tour stop late last year and a lengthy and much-publicized hospital stay immediately afterwards. The meltdown, and aborted tour is said to be part of the reason Kanye and Jay are feuding — though they may be reconciling soon — and Kanye eventually filed an insurance claim over the cancelled tour, and when insurer Lloyds of London stalled on issuing the payments on the claim Kanye sued the company.

Eventually, Lloyds countersued, as expected, and claimed the cancellation wasn’t due to a preexisting medical condition, but because of Kanye’s substance abuse and alcoholism. Now, Kanye and his legal team are fighting back against those allegations, mainly the notion that Kanye and his company hindered Lloyd’s insurance investigation and purposely withheld information.

In court documents obtained by Pitchfork, Kanye’s legal team suggests the countersuit be “withdrawn or stricken” in their response to the suit. The response says Kanye and his company Very Good “denies each and every allegation and mischaracterization” made in the countersuit. In the initial lawsuit, Kanye’s legal team previously stated that Lloyds employees “suggested that they may deny coverage of the claim on the unsupportable contention that use of marijuana by Kanye caused the medical condition.” According to Pitchfork they echo that statement in their response. Check out the entire 15-page document at Pitchfork.

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