Kanye West Met With President-Elect Donald Trump At Trump Tower To Talk About ‘Life’

Is Kanye West looking for a position in President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet? Okay, that’s a big reach, but the rapper, who was just released from the hospital following a mental breakdown, was spotted looking healthy and happy while walking into Trump Tower in New York early Tuesday morning. Kanye didn’t answer any questions when asked about his visit as he and his entourage made their way to the elevator.

Later, Kanye was spotted taking pictures with Donald Trump and avoided all questions because he “just wanted to take a picture with Donald Trump right now.” Trump also revealed they’ve “been friends for a long time” and talked about “life.”

It’s the 39-year-old rapper’s first trip to the Big Apple since being released from UCLA Medical Center two weeks ago following concerns over his mental health. Just before being admitted, Kanye revealed that he would’ve voted for Donald Trump had he actually voted. According to angry concert-goers, the controversial entertainer called Trump’s circus-like approach to the election “absolutely genius” even though he didn’t “necessarily” agree with the President-elect’s views.

Last year, Kanye expressed interest in running for president in 2020.

“I don’t know what I finna lose after this. It don’t matter, though, because it’s not about me. It’s about ideas, bro, new ideas, people with ideas, people who believe in truth. And yes, as you probably could have guessed by this moment, I have decided in 2020, to run for president.”

Given President-elect Trump’s recent cabinet picks, it isn’t too crazy to think Kanye just secured himself a position in the White House. Either way, Trump ended his brief meeting with Kanye with an awkward embrace and promises to “see him soon.”