Keri Hilson Ate A Popsicle On Snapchat And The Internet Lost Their Minds

06.23.16 3 years ago

For those who don’t know, Snapchat is the celebrity social media app of choice in 2016. It allows them to be themselves for their fans to see, which often means an unfiltered look into their everyday lives. It’s amazing. You get to see things like Rick Ross wheeling pallets of Belaire Rose into his house, Diddy walking around his mansion screaming at his kids and all sorts of hijinks.

Snapchat is also a treasure trove for the thirstiest corners of the Internet and they recently mined the diamond that is Keri Hilson’s Snap account. There, Keri spends her days talking to her phone, cussing like a sailor, enjoying exotic locales and generally being beautiful. Today she was on a shopping trip with a friend and asked for a popsicle, innocently enough, and the next 10-second Snap sent the internet into a frenzy.


After a quick lick of the popsicle Keri’s friend looked on, disappointed, and urged her “do the whole thing,” and well, Keri politely obliged. Maybe Keri didn’t know this would cause some hysteria online, but she eventually got wind of it. First saying on Snap “if you’re being for real, you know you tried it.” Then she took to Twitter to respond.

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