Kesington Kross – Audio Justice Ep

“I’ve always been an all or nothing kind of guy,” says KES “and living in Compton, coming from Orange County was a test of that.” Unable to leave any of his influences out of his music, KES worked to combine everything he loved. From David Bowie, KES took escapism and Bowie’s ability to create alter egos. When listening to Depeche Mode, KES fell in love with the industrial feel of the music, the haunting melodies and the unconventional drum patterns. Phil Collins had ethereal melodies and emotional lyrics, Rick James had an incomparable ghetto groove and vulgarity that explored the psyche of men, and Prince represented the freedom of boundaries within sexuality, image as well as his music and lyrical perspective. KES used the contrast of all these iconoclastic enigmas through his well-defined storytelling, his concepts and production and his pushing-the-envelope imagery.

For KES, being a rogue spirit is in his DNA. Alternating between the rave, rock and hip-hop scenes, he is continuously in search of a sense of familiarity and the ultimate pursuit of feeling closer to real life society and pop culture.

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