Kylie And Kendall Jenner Are Being Sued Over Those Tupac Shirts That Everybody Was Mad About

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Superimposing your face over photos of legends like Tupac and Biggie is probably always a bad idea, but when you’re reviled by sects of the hip hop fandom like the Kardashians and Jenners are, it’s a terrible idea. As such, it’s no surprise that when Kylie and Kendall Jenner decided to do just that with a series of t-shirts, fans of the rappers were livid. The complaints were so loud the Jenners pulled the shirts and apologized but their issues over the shirts aren’t done because now they made be headed to court.

Famed photographer Michael Miller, who shot the picture of Tupac that was used on the shirts is suing the Jenners according to TMZ. Miller says he never gave them permission to use his images, and in the court documents says he never plans to work with them, especially Kendall after a “political nightmare.” That’s likely referring to her much maligned Pepsi commercial, that also drew outrage and resulted in a public apology as well.

Kardashian and Jenner family rep Todd Wilson told TMZ the Jenners had nothing to do with the creation of the shirts, though they did approve of them after they were created, and called the lawsuit “absurd.”