Lil Uzi Vert And Nav Get Animated In The Comical ‘Wanted You’ Video

Last November, Lil Uzi Vert collaborated with Toronto upstart Nav for the catchy “Wanted You” track. The two artists showcased hip-hop’s evolution on the trap burner, taking turns with their melodic rhymes like junior versions of Future and Young Thug. Uzi has been busy since then, collecting plaques, working on music with Marilyn Manson, and, perhaps most importantly, working on getting himself together. The prolific artist had the most streamed Soundcloud song of 2017, and the fun new video for “Wanted You” placed an early bid to be one of the most beloved of this year.

Nav and Uzi got with animator Rough Sketchz for a video that’s the complete opposite of his name. The two artists star as cartoon characters in a narrative that sees them both breaking up with their flames of the moment. Nav takes his girl to dinner for a revelatory date, then sees her dancing with a friend which is a no-go for him. Uzi just gets bored of his girl, who he says “gets on his nerves.” The rest of the video shows the two in front of a private jet and in a ice freezer, which is surely symbolism for how cold the two artists are with their craft – and women.