Lil Yachty’s Soulja Boy Challenge Might Be Better Than The Original

Soulja Boy’s transformation into a full-on internet troll is underway and unfortunately for him, he may have met his match. Last year the two squabbled briefly over India Love, an Instagram model that wanted no parts of the silliness, and eventually things died down. Or so we thought.

After Soulja Boy’s hilarious interview with DJ Vlad about his supposed shootout at his home went viral, many have taken to mocking the whole thing, making it the punchline Soulja probably intended it to be. The latest is Yachty, who took two minutes out of his day to stage his own VladTV interview about his “shootout” with the Draco and it might be even better than Soulja’s.

Yachty does it all, mocks Soulja’s reputation as a ringtone rapper, pulls out a toy gun, wears a pair of Gamecube controllers to poke fun at Soulja’s loud, clanking chains from his interview, smokes a fake blunt and even brings up “Kiss Me Through The Phone” because there is no greater Soulja Boy joke than the travesty that was “Kiss Me Through The Phone.”

It’s great, and with Soulja busy with Chris Brown, and now maybe Orlando Brown as well, Yachty slipped this online at the perfect time to receive little to no blowback from his foe.