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06.01.18 1 year ago

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Is it July 2015 again? A Drake beef is dominating the news cycle, and Quentin Miller is out here explaining himself. Drake and Pusha T have been embroiled in a nasty war of words that has expanded beyond mere subliminal bars into full-on diss tracks — but they also have other new music out, which will placate fans trying to stay away from the drama. In brighter news, Currensy and Wiz Khalifa have reunited on Currensy’s latest EP, and Mac Miller dropped a triumvirate of songs. This week, the devil and angel were basically on either shoulder rap-wise. If you listened to one side too much, we have you covered on the other.

Pusha T, “Infrared”

Pusha T started off the Drake assault on “Infrared,” a track from his heralded Daytona album. He gave Drake a light tap, with a line that referenced longstanding rumors of the Toronto rhymer having ghostwriters. The song, like the entire album, is dope in its own right, but the hysteria about the Drake bars specifically beget a war of words, including the below.

Drake, “Duppy Freestyle”

Drake clearly decided he’s tired of Pusha T and the ghostwriting rumors, and he went full steam ahead on his “Duppy Freestyle.” Over a jazzy sample, he decided to get at Pusha for being “the spittin’ image of whatever jealousy breeds,” not being “top 5 as far as your label talent goes,” being “older than the n—- you runnin’ behind,” and acting “like you sold drugs for Escobar in the ’80s.” The diss was arguably as vicious as we’ve seen Drake get on a record, and many thought Pusha was down for the count. That was until he dropped a diss track of his own.

Pusha T, “The Story Of Adidon”

Pusha dropped one of the most scandalous tracks in recent memory, using Jay-Z’s “Story Of OJ” beat to lay Drake out for “hiding a child,” and shedding light on his racial confusion (complete with more polarizing artwork of Drake in blackface). That Pusha named the song after his upcoming collaboration with Adidas was another diabolical masterstroke. Putting the first non-debatable — or perhaps, debatable — smudge on Drake’s resume will end up being a landmark moment for King Push.

Drake, “I’m Upset”

That said, it wasn’t all bad for Drake. The beef may have had his creative juices flowing, as he released the brooding “I’m Upset” on Saturday night. Over a thumping beat, Drake took his foot off the pedal lyrically and melodically mused about how “they keep tryna get me for my soul.” Ordinarily, a paranoid song like this would be confusing given Drake’s accolades and worldwide fan base, but Pusha actually wants his soul, so we understand it here.

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