Drake’s Belligerent New Single ‘I’m Upset’ Shows He Has A Lot To Get Off His Chest

After raining on Pusha T’s release day parade, Drake should feel celebratory over his “Duppy Freestyle” reception, yet his latest single seems to imply the opposite. In fact, he explicitly states his mood in both the title and the hook: “I’m Upset.”

His list of grievances in the song isn’t long, but it covers a lot of the usual ground: Enemies taking shots at his throne, women trying to use him to attain status and take his money, and being underestimated by both foes and critics. He mentions his blood being cold and someone putting $50,000 on his head, which he finds an offensively paltry sum.

The single art seems to suggest that the song belongs to his upcoming album, Scorpion, which is supposedly his first since 2016’s Views, as 2017’s More Life was considered a “playlist” and didn’t receive any major promotion from Drake himself. Scorpion, on the other hand, is receiving a full rollout, complete with chart-topping singles (“God’s Plan” and “Nice For What“), an upcoming tour with Migos, and a buzz-generating beef with Pusha T.

So far, Scorpion has seemed light on the maudlin Drake that has permeated plenty of his early work, instead featuring aggressive, club-ready work that indicates that Drake may finally be through playing the nice guy and leaning all the way into his rap bag.

We’ll find out June 28, Scorpion‘s scheduled release date.