Nicki Minaj’s New Song ‘No Frauds’ Is A Remy Ma Diss And It Features Drake And Lil Wayne

Nicki Minaj has finally made her return and if you’re waiting for a response to Remy Ma’s scathing disses and you’ve been waiting for a Young Money reunion then Nicki, Lil Wayne, and Drake have got you covered.

Late Wednesday night the Twitter murmurs began circulating that Nicki had a new single on the way and with the Babrs in full force defending her honor the single surfaced a few hours later it arrived in the form of “No Frauds,” featuring Weezy and the 6 God.

While never saying Remy’s name, Nicki clearly takes aim at her foe, admonishing her about everything from shooting her friend, to leaving her son behind when she went to jail, failing to secure a Jay Z feature on her latest album, getting plastic surgery and trying to mimic Drake’s back to back on her second diss song “Another One.”

You can’t be Pablo if your work ain’t sellin’
What the f*ck is this b*tch inhalin’?
I would’ve helped you off that pit you fell in
I am the generous Queen! Ask Ms. Ellen
Tried to drop “Another One,” you was itchin’ to scrap
You exposed your ghostwriter, now you wish you were scrapped
Heard your p*ssy on “Yuck,” I guess you needed a pap
What type of bum b*tch shoot a friend over a rack?
What time of mother leave her one son over a stack?
Lil biddy down basic b*tch thinkin’ she back
Back to back, oh you mean, back to wack?
“Back to Back”? Me and Drizzy laughed at that
They say numbers don’t matter
But when they discussin’ the kings
They turn around and say Lebron ain’t got 6 rings
I never signed a 360, b*tch you wild dumb
That’s why Jay ain’t clear his verse for your album
Shanaynay, you a fraud committin’ perjury
I got before and after pictures of your surgery

The track marks the YMCMB trio’s first collaboration since 2014’s “Only.” For Drake and Nicki it ends a tumultuous stretch where he was engaged in beef with her now ex-boyfriend Meek Mill while she sat idly on the sideline and let things play out without her. Whatever tension there was between the three over that and Wayne’s ongoing, never ending lawsuits against their parent label Cash Money Records clearly dissipated weeks ago when they took to Instagram to post pictures of their happy reunion.

For Nicki, this is obviously a sign of more to come, as this star-studded track is on the heels of whatever she shot a video for with Future a week ago. The Queen of the Barbs has arrived, and it seems she has plans for the spring.

Purchase and stream Nicki Minaj’s “No Frauds” featuring Lil Wayne and Drake on iTunes here.

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And as part of her #3PackFromPARIS Nicki also dropped “Changed It” featuring Lil Wayne

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And a solo track “Regret In Your Tears.” Nicki Minaj season is upon us.

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