Nicki Minaj Used Her Lil Wayne And David Guetta Collab ‘Light My Body Up’ To Throw Down More Subliminals

Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne are cohabitating a lot in 2017. After sharing space on two of the songs that made up Nicki Minaj’s single dump/Remy Ma response earlier this month, the pair are back on another track. This time they’ve teamed up with superproducer David Guetta to add verses to his middle-of-the-road EDM. The result is “Light My Body Up,” a song you can probably turn off as soon as Nicki finishes her opening verse.

Nicki does get some great lines in. She throws out some barbs, but it’s hard to tell whether she’s still going after Remy Ma or if this is more of the same general “bow down” trash talk directed at anyone who would dare oppose her. “Light My Body Up” follows her attack with a seemingly never ending build to the chorus-slash-drop that piles on a million different cheesy lines about how passion is like fire that even The Chainsmokers would look at askance.

Clearly Minaj has learned how to operate on David Guetta tracks after having worked with him on “Hey Mama” and “Turn Me On.” The same can’t be said for Lil Wayne. The less said about his verse the better, that is unless you’re a fan of the same relentlessly gross sex talk that inspired Jay Pharoah’s infamous “Dick Inside A Wasp’s Nest” freestyle.

Give it listen (at least for a minute) up top.