Noname Unabashedly Asked Drake For A Feature During A Radio Interview

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Update: Noname insists she was just joking about the Drake feature, tweeting: “This interview really got n—-s thinking I want a drake feature lol.”

Noname may be pretty well-known for an indie rapper from Chicago, but she’s still, in her own words, “a struggling artist.” Fortunately, she knows the perfect solution to her troubles: The Drake Effect, which has been known to boost an artist’s profile significantly with just one appearance from the Canadian superstar on a project. And Noname, despite her shy demeanor, knows exactly how to get what she needs. During her recent interview with Beats 1 Radio’s Julie Adeunga, she openly and unabashedly asked The Boy for a feature, joking, “Summer Walker is cool, but f*ck with me! I’ve been out here since day one, 2010, gettin’ it.” Check out the excerpt below and the full interview toward the end of the post.

Although she also quips, “I really need some money, Drake, help me,” as host Adeunga cracks up laughing in the background, Noname is seemingly doing pretty alright in terms of boosting her own profile. Just in the last six months, she made her television debut on The Late Show, then followed up another appearance alongside Saba and Smino on The Tonight Show, teasing their possible collaborative album. Her two new songs, “Song 31” and “Song 32,” lit up social media when she dropped them and her album Room 25 was considered one of the best albums of 2018.

Still, there’s no denying that a Drake feature can have a life-changing effect on a new artist: Even just a rumored Drake feature. In 2018 alone, he helped rappers like Lil Baby, Blocboy JB, and Blueface blow up on the national stage, and he hasn’t even actually worked with Blueface yet. Meanwhile, his collaborations with even established artists tend to be their biggest hits, as seen by the success of Migos’ “Walk It Talk It” and Travis Scott’s “Sicko Mode.” Noname isn’t wrong to try and get a little of that magic on her side — and such a collaboration could be a lot of fun for listeners too. Let’s all hope her gambit pays off. Drake, you know what to do.